Episode 15

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Notes of the Episode

Bryce Platt is super focused on his pharmacist career but also invests in real estate. His real estate portfolio allows him to serve his healthcare purpose and take risks in his career.

In this episode, Bryce talks about the disastrous beginnings of his house hacking journey and the lessons that came out of it. He also explains the house hacking strategy and gives tips for pharmacists who want to try it out. Listen and be inspired by his story!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Bryce talks about his life in Kansas City.
  • Why Bryce picked pharmacy and how his career started.
  • His advice for younger pharmacists: invest in your education and network.
  • Bryce has found a way to get real estate investing to serve his healthcare purpose.
  • How his house hacking journey began and the lessons he has learned.
  • Bryce explains the house hacking strategy for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Where should pharmacists who want to house hack start?
  • What is Bryce’s goal in the future and what are other areas of real estate or investing that he would like to venture into?



“I see reading as a bigger mentor than anybody I ever had.” [00:10:29]

“There are all those kinds of things that are risks in your business and if you only have that one income source, you don’t have control of that. [00:20:22]

“I could see commercial investing as the way to make it even more passive. [00:35:20]


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About Bryce Platt, PharmD

Bryce Platt, PharmD is a consultant pharmacist at MakoRx and a real estate investor. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas. He is a disciplined, growth-minded pharmacist who implements time-saving procedures and process improvements and constructs patient health programs. He used a concierge service to land a 4-by-4 condo in North Carolina, where he plans to take on 3 rent-paying tenants to live for FREE! 

Bryce is experienced in Medicare, Medicaid, commercial programs, quality improvement efforts such as HEDIS and Star measures, and interprofessional group collaboration. His expertise includes designing and implementing new programs and products that enhance patient health and lower healthcare costs. 

Bryce is a pharmacist that has created multiple programs that utilize pharmacists to enhance patient health and lower healthcare costs. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Population Health Management with Omnicell and Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in July 2019. 

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