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Welcome to our podcast featuring special guest Jessica Smith Dos Santos, a life coach who will challenge you to think differently about the choices you make in your life.

In this episode, Jessica discusses the idea of making decisions and the importance of being willing to embrace discomfort in order to achieve your goals. She poses thought-provoking questions such as, “What are the things in your life that you are sick and tired of?” and “How willing are you to be uncomfortable?” Jessica encourages listeners to reflect on their own lives and to consider whether they are truly ready to let go of old patterns and habits that no longer serve them.

Through her own personal experiences, 17 years of nursing, and insights gained from working with clients, Jessica highlights the fact that deciding to make a change means giving death to all other options. She reminds us that life is not going to get easier or more comfortable, and that we must be emotionally prepared to cope with the discomfort that comes with growth and change. Ultimately, she challenges us to ask ourselves, “Am I willing to be uncomfortable in order to create a new and better story for my life?”

Tune in to this inspiring conversation to gain new perspectives and motivation to make the changes you want in your life.


Key Points from this Episode

  • Jessica Smith Dos Santos is a life coach challenging listeners to think differently about their life choices.
  •  This discussion is about making decisions and embracing discomfort for personal growth.
  • Thought-provoking questions: “What are you tired of in your life?” and “How willing are you to be uncomfortable?”
  • She encouraged listeners to let go of old patterns and habits that no longer serve you.
  • Jessica’s insights from 17 years of nursing and working with clients.
  • Highlighting the importance of committing to change and giving up other options.
  • Acknowledgment that life won’t get easier, but we must be emotionally prepared for discomfort.
  • The challenge to create a new and better story for your life by embracing discomfort.
  • Inspirational conversation offering new perspectives and motivation for making desired changes.
  • Tune in to the podcast for valuable insights and tools to transform your life.


To decide means to give death to all other options.

How will are you to uncomfortable?

What is one thing in your life you are sick and tired of?

I am no longer willing for this to be my life story.


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About Jessica Smith Dos Santos:

Jessica Smith Dos Santos is a high-level business mentor who helps health coaches to successfully grow and scale their coaching businesses. Unlike traditional coaching programs that teach only the basics and leave you to build your business on your own, Jessica’s 1:1 apprenticeship model teaches you how to grow and scale your business while maximizing income and impact from the very beginning.

The focus of Jessica’s coaching is on empowering clients in their physical, mental, and financial health by breaking the chains of poor lifestyle habits through habit retraining. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients learn the skills needed to love the lives they live.

Jessica’s background is in nursing, and after 17 years of frustration with serving people within the confines of a healthcare system that only reacts to illness, she decided to retire from her nursing career. Her experience has taught her that merely helping people to live with disease is not her calling, and that she wants to make a bigger impact on people’s lives.

If you’re looking to take your health coaching business to the next level and maximize your impact and income, Jessica Smith Dos Santos is a mentor who can help you achieve your goals.


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