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Join us as we delve into the extraordinary life and career of Pasha Esfandiary in this captivating episode. Pasha’s journey encompasses diverse experiences in real estate and entrepreneurship, including a lucrative stint as a professional poker player. With his sharp strategic thinking and calculated risks, he achieved financial success that surpassed even top executives. He made a pivotal decision to transition into the world of real estate, which he considered his ultimate end game. Throughout the episode, Pasha generously shares invaluable insights from his entrepreneurial journey, reflecting on the lessons he gleaned from poker and offering firsthand experiences navigating the dynamic real estate market. 

Prepare to be inspired by Pasha Esfandiary’s remarkable story of charting an unconventional path and pursuing passions beyond the confines of convention. Don’t miss out on this episode, where you’ll gain exclusive insights from Pasha, a real estate flipper, investor, professional poker player, and the visionary founder of the Evoke Capital Fund.


Key Points from This Episode:

  • Pasha was a residential real estate flipper and investor. 
  • He is also a professional poker player.
  • Recently he launched the Evoke Capital Fund.
  • Pasha realized that school wasn’t for him and so he decided to quit school, do poker until he became a professional and was earning more than most of the executives.
  • Real estate was his end game.
  • He went from flips, to land-up construction in LA, to multifamily until he discovered a mobile home park. 
  • Pasha realized that mobile home parks netted more equity and more cash flows than multifamily did.
  • Pasha had a clear vision of what he was going to create in the next 10 years and it became his driving force. 
  • Pasha shared about subconscious training. He said affirmations are really big in his life and when was retraining himself to become who he needed to become, he would drill himself mentally with affirmations about a thousand times per day.
  • Pasha shared why he jumped into multifamily and apartment complexes in the first place.
  • Pasha shared about how mobile home parks can easily achieve eight to ten percent in the first year which became very attractive to him.
  • Pasha explained the different options between syndicators and operators. 
  • Pasha wanted to leave a massive impact on families. His big goal is that to create a privatized community for low-income communities through the light tech route. 



“I get super like crystal freaking clear of my vision and who I want to be in my vision and I emotionally attach myself to that vision.” (15:06:0662)

“Would I rather listen to my limiting belief or would I rather live in my vision?” (17:56:642)

“Whatever you think about, you become.” (19:10:826)

“And when there’s good communication and trust there, you can weather the storm.” ((33:43:922)

“If I could teach any child the power of I can go accomplish this, just that one thought alone can change the trajectory of somebody’s life tremendously.” (46:56:618)

“Environment is stronger than willpower until willpower is stronger than the environment.” (48:21:678)


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About Pasha Esfandiary

Pasha Esfandiary started his real estate career in 2011, flipping auctioned homes. With over $250 million in transactions, he has worked on various property types, including residential homes, boutique motels, and large multifamily properties. In 2021, Pasha founded Evoke Capital to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate. With a focus on community development, Evoke Capital aims to provide more than just housing, fostering educational resources and empowering residents to thrive. Pasha’s commitment to growth ensures that Evoke Capital is just beginning its real estate journey.


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