Episode 34

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Being able to pivot in the real estate investing business is a valuable key to success. Our guest, Yoav Gilad, did that as he transitioned from flipper to lender. It hasn’t been an easy journey for him. He faced many challenges and made mistakes along the way that might have cost him much, but the lessons learned are valuable to him and everyone who hears and learns from his story. 


Key Points from This Episode:

  • How did Yoav and his wife learn about house hacking and what were their initial steps?
  • What did they gain from enrolling in a $40,000 real estate course?
  • What challenges did they encounter in remotely buying houses through county tax auctions?
  • How did he discover lending? What path led him from being a flipper to a lender? 
  • Did they have to get another training to start their lending business? What was their first step?
  • How long have they been in the private lending business and how did they scale from their first deal to becoming full-time lenders in 44 states?
  • As private lenders, who do they like to partner with? Do they prefer a specific niche to help finance?
  • What are the kind of deals that they don’t like to fund?
  • The story of a deal that went wrong.
  • Given the current market trend and rising interest rates, what are his insights and advice as a private lender to other investors?



“It takes a lifetime to build your name but a minute to destroy it.” [00:24:01]

“You do have to protect your reputation and ensure you’re doing right by everybody as much as you can even if it means passing on deals to do so.” [00:24:12]

“Abundant caution is the rule of the day.”  [00:31:00]


Links Mentioned:

Green Block website

Yoav Gilad on LinkedIn


About Yoav Gilad

Yoav began investing in real estate in 2007, just in time for his first rental purchase to lose half its value. Fortunately, he hadn’t quit his day job just yet. After the recovery, Yoav and his wife and partner, Marcia, flipped houses, wrote land-contract deals, and BRRR’d other homes. When someone coincidentally approached the Gilads for a loan, they incorporated Green Block and wrote their first loan. They are now full-time private lenders in 44 states, with investors across the country. Additionally, they have participated in multiple syndications and were key partners in their first deal, a 98-unit, last year. Yes, the rate is locked (at 4.25%) and the property is performing well.


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