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Today, we sit with Jason Hartman. He is the CEO of Empowered Investor and Real Estate Tools. Jason has developed many investing strategies, and in today’s episode, he’ll dive into one that will help you understand the real estate game in today’s market and inflationary environment. 

Our conversation zeroes in on his “Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction” strategy, which teaches how borrowers can benefit from inflation. Jason also discusses the three different types of markets, which market to avoid and which to invest in. Enjoy the show!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Timing the market is difficult and usually doesn’t work.
  • The real estate game is not really about capital appreciation.
  • Real wealth is created by understanding the math of the market and holding the assets for the long term.
  • Understanding the three major types of markets: linear, cyclical, and hybrid
  • How to identify if the market is linear, cyclical or hybrid.
  • Why must investors avoid cyclical markets and invest in linear ones?
  • Two value drivers for any asset: scarcity and utility
  • Understanding Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction (IIDD).
  • How to use inflation to redistribute wealth.
  • How can borrowers benefit from inflation?
  • Are there still risks in investing even in linear markets and using the IIDD strategy?



“Timing the market is kind of a fool’s errand in any asset class. People that try to time the market in precious metals, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, real estate —it never really works. What works is being in the market and being in the game.”  [00:03:08]

“The real wealthy people are value-oriented investors who buy and hold assets over the long term.” [00:05:27]

“Inflation is the insidious, hidden tax that destroys purchasing power. It destroys the value of savings, stocks, bonds, and even equity in real estate. But thankfully, it destroys the value of debt.” [00:17:16]


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1984 by George Orwell


About Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman® is the CEO of Empowered Investor and Real Estate Tools.  Starting with very little, Jason, while still in college at 19, embarked on a career in real estate while brokering properties for clients. He was investing in his portfolio along the way. Through creativity, persistence and hard work, he soon joined the ranks of the top one percent of Realtors in the U.S. In quick succession, he earned several prestigious industry awards and became a young multi-millionaire.

Jason purchased an Irvine, California real estate brokerage firm which he expanded dramatically and was later acquired by Coldwell Banker. He combined his dedication and business talents to become a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and media personality. Over the years, he developed his Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors™, where his innovative firm educates and assists investors in acquiring prudent investments nationwide for their portfolio. Jason’s highly sought-after educational events, speaking engagements, and ultra-hot “Creating Wealth Podcast” inspire and empower hundreds of thousands in 164 countries worldwide.

While running his successful real estate and media businesses, Jason also believes that giving back to the community plays an important role in building strong personal relationships. We’re in a global monetary crisis caused by decades of misguided policies and the cycle of financial dependence has to be broken; literacy and self-reliance are a good start.


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