Episode 02

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Notes of the Episode

Bijou Condo worked as a registered nurse for a few years but shifted to investing in businesses and real estate. When she moved to England to study nursing, she didn’t have family or anyone to stay with, so she learned to live on a budget. That experience laid a good foundation for her to become a successful entrepreneur. She became passionate about real estate and financial freedom and worked hard to achieve her goals. 

After college, she met Claude Condo, now her husband, who educated her about real estate investing. Together, they have scaled their portfolio and now own businesses and commercial real estate properties. They believe that focusing on just one investment is risky. You need to have multiple income streams. Their journey wasn’t easy initially, but their passion and consistency helped them overcome the challenges. Listen now to hear Bijou’s inspiring story and learn how you can achieve financial freedom and be successful!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Bijou Condo’s early years in Congo, Central Africa.
  • Moving to England to study nursing.
  • A change in mindset from becoming a nurse to owning real estate.
  • Learning a hard lesson from her first opportunity to purchase a property.
  • Meeting Claude Condo, who was already doing real estate at that time.
  • Their first investment together was a commercial property.
  • Bijou’s growth as an investor: when did she become comfortable investing in and managing deals?
  • The importance of learning how to budget your money and the value of consistency to become a successful investor.
  • The lessons they learned about working with lenders and brokers in their first few deals.
  • Bijou and Claude’s current businesses and real estate investments.
  • What’s on the horizon for Claude and Bijou Condo?



“Slow is the new fast.” [00:18:53]

“Consistency is important. You have to keep going.” [00:30:03]

“You can never be sure of just one type of investment. You always have to be willing to learn and to change when you have to, whether it’s comfortable or not comfortable.” [00:39:57]

“I enjoyed practicing nursing, but I hated being dependent on a paycheck.” [00:40:24]


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