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Dr. Nathan Smith believes that if you want to get financially free early in life, you have to be fanatical. He was still a student in pharmacy school when his real estate investment journey began. By the age of 30, Dr. Smith was already financially free. How did he start and where did he get his capital? His secret sauce is to live minimally, so you can eventually live richly. Listen as Dr. Smith shares his real estate investing roadmap with us in this episode!

Where and how to get capital is one of the biggest challenges in real estate investment. So be all ears up to the end as Dr. Smith shares creative ways and strategies to finance acquisitions. He goes into detail about seller financing and how to approach property owners. Enjoy the show!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Dr. Smith’s background.
  • Why he chose PharmD over MD.
  • He started investing in real estate while he was in pharmacy school.
  • How he educated himself about real estate investing while working overnights as a pharmacist.
  • His first house hack.
  • Why he focused on the student rental market.
  • What is seller financing? Why is it a creative way to buy real estate and a great strategy for Dr. Smith?
  • How to make the first touch with a property owner.
  • What are other ways to finance an acquisition that worked for him?
  • Dr. Smith shares some cool experiences while living in Alaska.
  • Why is he diverting his focus away from student housing now? 
  • Failures and lessons in his real estate investing journey.
  • How pharmacy helped him in his real estate investing. 
  • Nate’s advice for risk-averse pharmacists and his roadmap to get you started in real estate investing.



“If you will put up with what most people won’t put up with, you’ll have what most people won’t have.” [00:17:33]

“The way that you become financially independent, generally, is cash flow.” [00:19:03]

“If you want to get (financially) free early in life, I think you do have to be fanatical.” [00:22:24]

“As long as we’re disciplined in our personal lives, pharmacy provides us with such a great income. It bailed me out many, many times. I always made sure to live below my means.” [00:45:15]


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About Dr. Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is a real estate investor and an industry leader in creative financing and asset management. He reached financial independence at age 30 and currently owns over 200 doors, totaling approximately 24 million dollars in assets. Nathan has founded multiple real estate businesses including “Clearwater Capital Group,” a real estate investment company that delivers dependable cash flow and appreciation and “Live in Eau Claire,” a property management company that managed over 1,000 units at the time of his exit. One of Nathan’s passions is teaching others about the power of investing in real estate.


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