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Get your dose of inspiration today from Quynh Vu as she speaks on how to shift from being risk-averse to risk-tolerant in this episode! The most common reason people hesitate to invest in real estate or any business is the fear of taking risks. Quynh worked as a retail and hospital pharmacist for 16 years. But she realized that her job was not secure even though she was a manager. Having just one source of income was also a big risk. 

Being a pharmacist, Quynh was risk averse. But something changed her mindset. She decided to leave her job and focus her energy on achieving financial freedom and generational wealth through real estate investment. Quynh shares what changed her mind and how she became successful. Listen now and learn from her success story!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Quynh’s personal background.
  • Quynh’s experience working as a retail pharmacist at Walmart while also working in a hospital.
  • The pressure of being a pharmacist in a hospital.
  • What motivated Quynh to keep moving forward in her career as a pharmacist?
  • Quynh’s advice to those who feel stuck in their jobs or want to leave retail pharmacy to move to a hospital. 
  • The difference between retail and hospital pharmacists.
  • Why and how did Quynh get into real estate investing?
  • The questions that changed her mindset that investing in real estate is risky.
  • How long it took for Quynh to become convinced to start investing.
  • Overcoming her fear of not knowing enough about the industry. 
  • How to know if you are ready to invest.
  • Quynh’s first investment and how they got the deal.
  • Quynh’s coaching business.
  • The challenges she faced in her journey and what she would have done differently knowing what she knows now.
  • A smart way to know what action to take to achieve your end goal.



“Having only one source of income is very risky too.” [00:25:06]

“When you don’t know (about the industry) you’re gonna feel nervous, but then you also have to take some personal accountability to learn. If you don’t know, you need to look it up. Just look it up and figure out what your risk tolerance level is.” [00:25:06]

“Starting with the end in mind is important. Once they know what they want then they also have to figure out how to get there.” [00:37:31]

“There’s a lot of different ways that you can invest. People have to look inside of them and see what their risk tolerance is.” [00:38:32]


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About Quynh Vu

Quynh and her husband, along with their young family, moved to California from Texas after going to San Diego on vacation and never wanting to leave!

 Quynh and her husband purchased their first home at 23 while still in college and have always owned a home since then. In 2018, her husband started investing in real estate to help them find ways to create more passive income while she worked as a pharmacist. They now own numerous properties, including accessory dwelling units (ADUs), condos, duplexes, and single-family homes used as vacation homes and long-term rentals in San Diego, California, and several states.

 Quynh’s wealth of experience allows her to walk you through the home buying, selling, and real estate investment phases. Quynh’s background, her love of teaching and her desire to help others, in combination with her team’s resources, will confidently guide you on your path to real estate success.

 She has closed on 27 units and over $20M in sales since the Summer of 2021 and more than 25% of her clients have had repeat transactions with her since she started. She has helped first-time home buyers, first-time investors, and experienced investors to grow their real estate portfolios. She has helped clients purchase single-family homes and homes with underutilized zoning with potential to build an additional 10 to 100 units if the investor chooses to develop them to their highest use potential.

 In addition to helping clients with real estate transactions, Quynh is also a Real Estate Coach, who helps Real Estate Agents grow their real estate businesses.

 She and her family live in Rancho Penasquitos, where she loves having easy access to the beach and to the growing food scene in Mira Mesa.  She plays the guitar and practices calligraphy and brush lettering in her free time. She enjoys traveling with her family and creating lasting memories with her kids, who are growing up so quickly. Quynh enjoys serving the community that she lives in. She has been a Girl Scout Troop Leader, a volunteer for the Poway Unified School District, a coordinator for Adopt-a-Family and a volunteer for Feeding San Diego Food Bank.

 Quynh graduated from the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy with her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and spent most of her career as a Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist. She has served in leadership positions within Pharmacy Administration at local hospitals and biotechnology companies for the latter part of her pharmacy career.

 Within four years of when she and her husband started real estate investing for their family, Quynh has now been able to leave her full-time pharmacist career and she can focus her energy on helping others achieve financial freedom and generational wealth through real estate investment. She continues to help her former colleagues, Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses and other healthcare providers to find a home for themselves or to begin their journey in acquiring real estate investment properties.


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