Episode 31

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Notes of the Episode

In today’s episode, we give you an update on the state of the market and our takeaways on the commercial real estate mastermind we have just been to. Being surrounded by a community of people with the same passion is a great way to reset and get back to a healthy baseline, network with people and build new friendships with which you could do business. That’s why we encourage you to become part of a mastermind group that you can learn from and that will hold you accountable to go farther in your business or investment.

Our conversation also zeroes in on the state of the real estate market. We have witnessed how the market has changed drastically over the last six months. Interest rates continue to rise and the banks are becoming stricter and picky about the deals they want to finance. However, it is still a good time to invest. We’ll explain that further in this episode and also talk about different investing strategies on how to take advantage of the current market, so be sure to join us!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Most investors stay on the sidelines because of high interest rates and uncertainties in the real estate market. However, the right time to invest is now.
  • How can investors strategize and take advantage of the market?
  • The importance and benefits of joining masterminds and participating in a community.
  • Claude’s insights on the state of the market for real estate and other businesses.
  • What’s the possibility of getting higher returns because of the changes taking place in the marketplace?
  • Claude’s vision on what will continue to happen in the market for the next six months.
  • What to prepare for and expect for investors with bridge loans.
  • What opportunities are available for people with money who want to grow it differently?



“It’s not just buying deals, deals and deals; it’s actually studying the market.” —Claude Condo  [00:03:45]

“You’ve got to get around other people and expose yourself to ideas that are coming from other people’s brains. That is where the magic happens. That is where you learn and that is where you grow.” —Jeff Stark [00:09:47]

“It’s always about seasons. There’s a season to sow, there’s a season to reap. So, I think this is the season to sow and work strategies.” —Claude Condo [00:11:41]

“There’s the possibility for getting higher returns because of the change in the marketplace. They’re slightly better than they have been over the past few quarters, maybe a few years even.” —Jeff Stark [00:14:46]



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