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Lindsay McLaughlin works hard to achieve her goals and is passionate about helping other women achieve their biggest dreams, too. When working as a nurse, she dreamed of having the time freedom to raise her kids and do what she wanted. She wrote down her goals for the next five years and designed actionable steps to achieve the life of her dreams. 

After seven years, Lindsay decided to quit her job as a nurse and dive into the world of real estate. Although her first deal was a failure, and she made more mistakes along the way, Lindsay learned to turn those mistakes into successes. She also talks about writing her life script and how she got into the real estate assisted living niche. Listen now to Lindsay’s pearls of wisdom in achieving dreams and investing in real estate!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Lindsay was a nurse but had the vision to be completely self-employed because she wanted to raise her kids and decide what she wanted to do for that day.
  • She had many side hustles, including direct sales and a car washing business.
  • Lindsay’s first step to achieving her goals was writing a life script.
  • Write down your goals/vision and how you want your future to look.
  • How did Lindsay overcome the fear of taking that first step?
  • Lindsay’s first deal in real estate ended up being a bad investment, but she learned to turn her failures into successes.
  • Don’t get cold feet if you make a mistake or lose money on a deal. Jump into another one or find another opportunity.
  • How did Lindsay start in the assisted living facility? What prompted her to start in that niche?
  • Lindsay shares her plans for the next five years and dreams for herself. 



“Just take steps. One step leads to the next step. Activity leads to more activity.” [00:13:26]

“Don’t think too small. Think big. There’s plenty of money out there. There’s plenty of opportunity. There’s not plenty of time. Your time is limited, everything else is abundant. ” [00:13:52]

“Get out of the learning curve and take massive action.” [00:17:56]

“Finding the successes and learning each time you do something, then it gets easier and easier.” [00:20:48]

“You don’t need to know the how – that comes. You need to know what you want and start taking action and the how will work itself out.” [00:29:17]

“Allow [your kids] to be the reason why, not your excuse.” [00:31:46]


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Vivid Vision: A Remarkable Tool For Aligning Your Business Around a Shared Vision of the Future by Cameron Herold


About Lindsay McLaughlin, RN

Lindsay McLaughlin was a nurse for over seven years. She is currently the CEO of Optimized Senior Living, which is a family-owned, faith-based residential assisted living home in Lebanon, OH.

She is the Founder of The Mompreneur Life and Director of Client Relations for RAL Optimized.

Her passion is helping women understand their goals, working with them to identify the steps of starting a successful small business and laying out actionable steps to achieve the life of their dreams. She is dedicated to assisting investors and Residential Assisted Living operators to acquire real estate and establish a profitable assisted living business the optimized way.


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