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Notes of the Episode

Today’s episode is all about smashing mindsets. We’ll hear about our guest, Maurice Cyrus’ evolution as a person, professional and investor. Maurice came from an interesting family background and had to overcome many challenges growing up to get to where he is now. He will share the pearls of wisdom he has gained in his journey. 

Mindset is so powerful. It can either bring you down or push you to accomplish what you were born to do. It is essential to identify the limiting mindsets and smash them so you can move forward. If Maurice didn’t smash those limiting beliefs, he wouldn’t have overcome the obstacles of lack of education and acceptance as a child and become a successful nurse anesthetist and commercial real estate investor. 


Key Points from This Episode

  • Maurice grew up in an uneducated family. Education wasn’t a part of their culture at home.
  • A judge helped Maurice become a nurse anesthetist.
  • Maurice went through a lack of acceptance when he was a child.
  • First mindset smash: “I wasn’t invited here, so I had to find my tribe.”
  • Second mindset smash: “This is where I am. I’m not where I want to be.”
  • How did Maurice get into the healthcare space?
  • What mindset did he have to smash to shift from healthcare to real estate?
  • Maurice wanted to be someone who understood and could impact the community’s infrastructure.
  • Maurice shares the mindset that got him from starting as a nursing assistant to becoming a nurse anesthesiologist to entering commercial real estate. 
  • How does he distinguish which mindset needs to be smashed now?
  • How did Maurice divide his time between being a nurse anesthesiologist and a commercial real estate investor?
  • Maurice’s pearl of wisdom for healthcare professionals on how to get into real estate investing.



“There are some mindsets that will hinder you from anything that you want in your life. There are some that you have to deal with, and you kind of work through those. But there are some that you have to be ruthless and smash.” [00:14:59]

“If my self-image isn’t congruent with the God I know and love, it’s got to go.” [00:24:02]

“I am a human being made in the image of my God. I was known before the foundations of the world and He had a plan for me. He loves me and He wants to do well for me. And He wants me to do and use the skills He gave me to impact the world for Him.” [00:17:43]

“Failure is learning.” [00:31:27]

“Leave your ego at the door and serve.” [00:49:25]


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About Maurice Cyrus, RN

Maurice Cyrus studied at Kaiser Permanente School of Anesthesia and is a part-time Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA). He is also the CEO at Cyrus Capital LLC, and now a full-time commercial real estate investor. He used to be an inexperienced investor, but now he owns an 11-door property in Elkhart, Indiana, and a 63,000-square-foot commercial-industrial property in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

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