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Notes of the Episode

Steven graduated from pharmacy school with a whopping $250,000 student loan. For four years he focused on trying to pay it off. He achieved his goal and invested in real estate after that. Now, Steven Nguyen is a pharmacist and works as a pharmacy director in a hospital but he also earns passive income through commercial real estate.  But, if he were to go back and do it again, knowing what he knows now, would he still focus on paying off his debt or start investing in real estate at once?

In this episode, you will also learn creative ways to finance your investment if you don’t have a huge capital on hand. So hit that play button now!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Why Steven chose to be a pharmacist and how he got into it.
  • Get out of bad debt and learn how to use and manage good debt.
  • How to pay off a $250,000 student loan in four years.
  • What to do after you have paid off your student debt.
  • Why is it better to invest in real estate before paying off your student debt?
  • Learn house hacking tips.
  • Learn how to transition from house hacking to commercial real estate.
  • Learn how commercial real estate investing works.
  • Why is commercial real estate better than single-family?
  • Creative ways to finance your real estate investments.
  • Three options for seller financing.
  • Different financing tools and concepts in real estate.



“Keep that student mentality, that poor college student mentality, keep your living expense low, and save the difference. From there, once you saved money and you get into the habit of saving money, you’ve got plenty of options. You can just pay off your student loans if you want to or you can save it for a down payment on a house and house hack the property.” [00:17:20]

“What’s beautiful about multifamily is creative financing.” [00:27:24]

“Everything takes practice. It took me three years to become a pharmacist and two, three years to feel comfortable as a pharmacist. Same thing as a director. Same thing in real estate. It just takes repetitions. But what’s very fortunate about real estate is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” [00:37:04]


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About Steven Nguyen

Born and raised in the Bay Area, CA, Steven graduated from pharmacy school in 2013. He has been a hospital pharmacy director for the past 5 years. He owns 90 units of real estate – two apartment complexes, a mobile home park, and five single-family homes – without any partners while working full time. Steven offers a course and mentorship called Making Multifamily Money which includes a direct mailing automation service and one-on-one coaching.


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