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Notes of the Episode

Dr. Nate Hedrick is passionate about helping pharmacists to fulfill their financial plans and teaches them how to start investing in real estate while working as a pharmacist. Like many pharmacists, Dr. Hedrick graduated from pharmacy school with a ton of debt. Fortunately, he found a fantastic opportunity to achieve financial freedom in real estate investing. He wants to impart the lessons he has learned throughout his real estate journey to budding pharmacists looking for ways to build wealth as they build their pharmacy careers.

There are many ways to invest in real estate. Dr. Hedrick focuses on residential real estate and is looking to invest in other assets to expand his portfolio. Because of real estate, Dr. Hedrick was able to cut his pharmacy hours from 40 to 20 a week, giving him more time for his family. Listen now and find out how you can invest in real estate, diversify your income streams, and live a more flexible lifestyle while working as a pharmacist! 


Key Points from This Episode

  • Dr. Nate Hedrick’s mindset when he was a pharmacist.
  • The first action steps he took to start investing in real estate and get build his brand.
  • How to shift from a pharmacist mindset to an investor mindset.
  • Learning to work with a team and looking at the data.
  • Who are the people or team members that Dr. Hedrick relies on the most for investing?
  • Dr. Hedrick’s coaching program for pharmacists.
  • Real estate investing mistakes in the past that served as valuable lessons for Dr. Hedrick.
  • Where does Dr. Hedrick see himself in five years?
  • Dr. Hedrick talks about his podcast and how they educate pharmacists to use real estate to supplement their pharmacy careers.



“It starts with understanding where you’re at. You have no idea how to plan for the future if you don’t know where you’re standing today.” [00:11:03]

“When you get uncomfortable, you can grow.” [00:15:08]

“There’s a lot that you can gain by being uncomfortable.” [00:15:25]

“You’re learning from people who have been doing that job for years already. You were taking your baseline level of knowledge that we all have and have all gained, adding that to people who have experience in the thing you’re trying to do well, that’s how you’re able to grow and develop your skill.” [00:25:27]


Links Mentioned:

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Your Financial Pharmacist website

Real Estate RPH website

The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth with Intelligent Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing by Brandon Turner

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho

Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy


About Nate Hedrick, PharmD

Dr. Nate Hedrick is a full-time pharmacist by day and a blogger by late night and early morning. He also serves as the Clinical Program Advisor for Medical Mutual of Ohio, using his experience as a pharmacist to support their sales team. Combining his passion for pharmacy with his natural inclination to talk with just about everyone he meets has been a truly rewarding career move.

He usually spends time with family or working on his real estate side hustle when he’s not road-tripping around Ohio. He has been a licensed agent since 2016 and has helped dozens of pharmacists fulfill their dream of owning a home through his work in Cleveland and his website. He is passionate about staying uncomfortable and is always looking for a new challenge or a project. He found real estate investing in 2016 after his $300,000+ student loan debt led him to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This book opened his mind to the possibilities of financial freedom and he has been obsessed ever since.

After earning his real estate license in 2017, Dr. Hedrick founded “Real Estate RPH” as a source of real estate education designed with pharmacists in mind. Since then, he has helped dozens of pharmacists around the country realize their dream of owning a home or starting their investing journey.  

Today, Dr. Hedrick co-hosts the Your Financial Pharmacist Real Estate Investing Podcast, a show dedicated to educating and inspiring other pharmacists to consider real estate a part of their financial plan. 

Dr. Hedrick resides in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, Kristen, his two daughters, and his rescue dog. 


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