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Notes of the Episode

Amit Gaglani is a P.T. or Physical Therapist who started his private practice. He expanded his business to a national level, but after opening several locations, he realized that every time he took money out of his pocket, it took time to get his money back. And that started his journey in the real estate industry. 

Amit wanted his passive income to overtake his active income so he could live the life he wanted. So he invested in multifamily syndications and started diversifying from there. Now, Amit has a group of over 40 accredited investors that partner with him on investments. Listen now for advice and tips on choosing the best syndicator for you, how to benefit from real estate’s tax efficiencies and many more!


Key Points from This Episode

  • What inspired Amit to start his practice?
  • How did he learn the business skills necessary to get to where he wanted to be?
  • How did he find and train the people to replace him so he could focus on scaling the business?
  • Amit leads the company and bases his decisions on statistics.
  • How Amit got into real estate syndications and started earning passive income.
  • What were his criteria for choosing the right syndication group?
  • Why should pharmacy/business owners consider investing in real estate syndications?
  • Amit explains tax returns, depreciation, and the benefits of syndicated deals.
  • What is an accredited investor?
  • The difference between Rule 506(b) and 506(c).
  • What has Amit been working on lately?



“If you treat a disease, you win or you lose; but if you treat a person, you always win.” [00:10:20]

“Anybody that’s in finance or anybody that’s doing investing knows that it’s smart to be diversified.” [00:17:46]

“I want this passive income to overtake the active income so that I can live the life that I want to.” [00:18:50]

“If you pay less taxes, you just got paid more money.” [00:28:46]


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About Amit Gaglani

Amit Gaglani PT, OCS has 20 years of healthcare, operational, marketing, and leadership experience in the outpatient physical therapy space. He was the Founder/Owner/CEO of Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehab LLC which has multiple locations in Northern, New Jersey. Amit has scaled and sold his business to private equity twice. He has over ten years of private placement investing in various alternative assets.

During the process, he invested in syndications, aggregated 67+ accredited investors, and now is Head of Growth at Accountable Equity where he is on the leadership team creating funds and systems.



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