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Welcome to the Rx Investor Podcast! My name is Jeff Stark, I’m an entrepreneur, small business owner, real estate agent, and I have over 12 years of experience in the advertising and digital media space. My co-host, Claude Condo, is a registered pharmacist, multi-store owner, ecommerce entrepreneur, and he’s been investing in residential and commercial real estate for over 15 years. The Mission for the “Rx Investor” podcast is to help improve the lives and careers of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals by exposing them to the real-life stories of people who have been through the struggle and found massive success! We hope these unique stories provide inspiration and help propel you forward on your journey towards reaching financial freedom. We’re going to share stories about pharmacists, doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentists, and other expert investors who have added new revenue streams, taken their businesses to unimaginable new levels, and achieved financial freedom … all so that you can learn and apply these principles to your own life and investing career! We’re working really hard on expanding our library of educational content and resources, so please check out our company’s main website: rxrei.com …. And you can also go directly to therxinvestor.com to listen to our library of podcasts. We also have a growing youtube channel which you can find by searching for “Rx Real Estate Investment” or simply “the Rx Investor Podcast” on Youtube. If you listen to one of our podcasts and learn a new concept, or plan on applying a new strategy PLEASE leave us a 5-star review and leave a comment letting us know how the episode impacted you. We LOVE hearing from our listeners and want to share your positive feedback with our growing community. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast so that you are notified when we drop new episodes which we plan on doing weekly! Lastly, if you know one other pharmacist or healthcare professional that could benefit from the concepts that we focus on in these episodes please share the podcast episode with them. To all the “Rx Investors” out there - thank you so much for being here. We hope you love the show!

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