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Dr. Adam Broussard joins us today to speak on how to break free from a pharmacist/physician mindset of being afraid to make mistakes to an investor/entrepreneur mindset of being willing to take risks. Dr. Broussard is a practicing Pediatric Anesthesiologist and the founder of Dads Before Doctors, a mastermind group for physicians and other high-achieving fathers. He’ll share some steps in developing the right money mindset.

Dr. Broussard shares what changed his mindset and how his real estate investing journey began. He explains the benefits of building a passive income through real estate and details how to invest in larger deals as a passive investor or limited partner while working as a physician or pharmacist. If you’re a pharmacist or healthcare worker who wants to be in the healthcare field to help people and not just because you need to be there to make a living, then it’s time to shift to the right money mindset! Listen now!


Key Points from This Episode

  • Dr. Adam Broussard completed medical school and residency at Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, his second son was born, he made his first passive investment in syndication, bought a short-term rental property, and became a life coach.
  • Why does he prefer to build passive income rather than go up the corporate ladder?
  • How has Robert Kiyosaki’s book impacted him?
  • Who are the people or groups that mentored and changed Dr. Broussard’s mindset?
  • Dr. Broussard explains how real estate syndications work.
  • Syndications allow investors to purchase a larger property they would not be able to buy on their own.
  • Dr. Broussard explains the difference between the general partner and the limited partner.
  • How a physician or pharmacist can build passive income and enjoy all the benefits of investing in real estate without having to manage the property.
  • Dr. Broussard speaks on how to achieve real estate professional status while still being a physician or pharmacist.
  • What are the benefits of real estate professional status?
  • How to shift from a pharmacist mindset of making no mistakes to an investor mindset of being willing to take risks.
  • The steps to have the right money mindset and start building passive income.



“You can have it all. You have to make choices along the way, but you can be healthy, have a good relationship with your wife and kids, have a good income, but just living on default isn’t going to do that.” [00:17:00]

“Being able to have passive income can change the healthcare system, too.” [00:36:00]

“Just shifting that mindset of how you use money and to leverage it and use it for your benefit has been the biggest shift that I’ve made in figuring out how to make that more accessible.” [00:40:17]


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About Dr. Adam Broussard

Adam Broussard is a father of two young boys, Grant (4) and Harrison (2), and married to Nikki. They live in New Orleans, LA where Adam is a practicing Pediatric Anesthesiologist. Adam is the founder of The Five Freedoms Investment Club, a group of accredited investors learning together and sharing knowledge to expand their passive income, and Dads Before Doctors, a mastermind group for physicians and other high-achieving fathers, and a podcast by the same name. In addition, Adam is a certified Life Coach.

Adam is also an active short-term rental and passive real estate and business investor and always looking for new deals. 


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