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The Medical Mindset thinks that, as an expert, you have to know and excel in everything. Doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals must break out of this trap to live their best life. In this episode, Dr. Brett Levine tells us how to overcome the medical mindset to live a life free from stress, burnout, and depression.

According to Dr. Levine, you can break out of the medical mindset by being vulnerable and open to others about the struggles and things that you go through. Be a part of a community, be authentic, and always remember that you are more than a doctor or a pharmacist. There are no limits to what you can become! 


Key Points from This Episode

  • How Dr. Levine got into the medical field.
  • Dr. Levine shares the crisis he went through in life that slowly got him trapped in the medical mindset.
  • The medical mindset thinks you need to know everything because you are an expert.
  • The medical mindset is like a trap that medical professionals fall into.
  • You don’t have to learn everything.
  • Switching out of the medical mindset is a slow, transformational change.
  • Dr. Levine shares his initial steps to break out of the medical mindset.
  • Joining a mastermind will help you become authentic and open to others.
  • Dr. Levine’s advice for somebody who is trying to break free from the medical mindset but is in the analysis paralysis. 
  • His goal in real estate investing: long-term multifamily buy and hold.



“Start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.” [00:18:05]

“What brought me out of the medical mindset was all the pain, the problems I was dealing with.” [00:23:31]

“Pain and problems have a purpose.” [00:27:18] 

“You don’t have to live every aspect of your life alone and on your own.” [00:37:07]

“I am more than a doctor and you are more than a pharmacist. That’s important to remember and realize.” [00:35:39]


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About Dr. Brett Levine

Dr. Brett Levine has been an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon for 27 years. He is the CEO of Beach Cities ENTS outside of Los Angeles, California. Throughout his career, Dr. Levine faced many obstacles and challenges to remain happy and healthy in his medical career. In a pivotal epiphany, he discovered that the habits and strategies that helped him excel to become a physician kept him stuck, stagnant and frustrated in life. Through this experience, he discovered strategies that helped him thrive. 

Today, he writes a free newsletter for Breaking Out of the Medical Mindset, a platform that delivers breakthrough concepts and strategies to healthcare professionals to break free from suffocation, depletion and burnout and to expand their options, empowerment and freedom. He also offers a course to teach the concepts and strategies and offers tools and resources for success, freedom and happiness. He has been happily married since 2001 with three kids. He is excited about his life and future and wants to empower others to feel the same way.


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