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Notes of the Episode

Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh’s mission is to build a luxury short-term rental portfolio with as many women, mothers, and entrepreneurs as possible. Her goal is to generate passive income so she can have more time to spend with her family and passion. She believes in the importance of aligning her investments with her goals. So, after looking at all the investment strategies, she knew that real estate was the best vehicle for her. 

Dr. Gainsbrugh wants to help women in healthcare learn how to invest because she knows from experience that even just one investment can be so empowering. She wants to provide her fellow pharmacists with options so that they can have the confidence to say no to things they disagree with or don’t like to do. If you are seeking to invest in real estate but don’t know where to start, Dr. Gainsbrugh’s advice is to surround yourself with like-minded people, learn and seek help from the experts in your niche. 


Key Points from This Episode

  • Dr. Gainsbrugh graduated with half a million dollars in student loans!
  • Joining communities of like-minded people who are focused on paying off their debts helped her to get out of her loans.
  • Having an accountability group would greatly help someone battling with debts.
  • How did Dr. Gainsbrugh start to move towards investing in real estate and gaining passive income?
  • What led her to invest in short-term rentals?
  • It is crucial to align your goals with your investments.
  • How to know if your goals and investments are in alignment.
  • Learn to ask for help and lean on the information from experts in the specific niche you want to invest in.
  • The lessons Dr. Gainsbrugh learned from her first deal that prepared her for the deals that came after it.
  • Dr. Gainsbrugh touches on the regulations for HOAs.
  • An AI racked up her income on her second deal and made her think about where else she was playing small.
  • Dr. Gainsbrugh’s goal in 2023 for women in healthcare.



“If your investment is not in alignment with what your goals are, that has to change in 2023. Rethink that in 2023. Alignment is so important.” [00:19:35]

“Just one investment that’s bringing in some income gives you a little bit of breathing room.” [00:28:18]

“When you surround yourself with investors who are all focused on going in the same direction, who are all focused on accomplishing that goal of achieving passive income when you tap into the community, that’s where all of the nuggets are gonna be found.” [00:31:48]


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About Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh

Born in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Dr. Rachel was driven to make a difference and not take her parents’ sacrifices for granted. She was raised in the inner-city of Miami where she worked hard, got straight A’s and went on to get her doctorate. Unfortunately, financial literacy was not part of the curriculum—and she graduated with a whopping $500,000 in student loan debt. She struggled, burned the candle at both ends, worked multiple extra hospital shifts to pay it off… until she discovered real estate and digital courses.

Fast forward to now, Dr. Rachel is a semi-retired pharmacist, Luxury AirBNB Real Estate Investor, Educator, Public Speaker, Podcast Host, Course Creator, Coach, and a mom to two boys 24/7! She’s also a newly minted best-selling contributing author & filmed for a Netflix TV show highlighting her property (air date and show name TBD—so stay tuned for updates!) 

Rachel is “all-in” on short-term rentals because it helped her husband to retire at 46 from a stressful psychotherapy practice. And now she’s semi-retired from pharmacy at 41! She believes that no other real estate strategy would have afforded her this early and abundant exit.  

But what excites her the most is the 47 medical professionals she’s helped ditch burnout by launching their VERY own profit-generating luxury short-term rental. And that number will only continue to go up!

She runs a concierge coaching program, powered by her digital course, The Luxury Short-Term Rental Academy, designed to help medical professionals grow their investments by adding just ONE luxury short-term rental to their portfolio.   

Her approach is contrary to most real-estate coaching “gurus”—Rachel teaches her students how to own and operate the FEWEST number of properties to generate the HIGHEST profitability.

She reveals how to accomplish this in less than 4 hours a week so they can have the time, freedom and financial stability to live life on their own terms, however that looks like for them!

Ultimately, Dr. Rachel’s mission is to impact the financial wellness of over 1M women in healthcare so that they can thrive in their personal life while taking their patient care to incredible new heights.


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